Trapeze / Let Go / I’m Alive (Live Performance w/ the Sally Zito Project Band) [multimedia song] (2013)


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One of the band’s more ambitious attempts, with spoken word by Yolanda Laverde. Though flawed, this performance is one of my favorites ever with the SZP Band. It’s part song and part underscore in three “movements” about a trapeze artist left stranded on his swing, and the only way off is to let go and jump to his own death, which he does and of course splats onto the ground, but his consciousness survives.


The Sally Zito Project is/was:  Dave Bauer on drums; Yolanda Laverde on synth; Matt Pensabene on bass, S.Zito on piano/synth/vocals.

Live performance at: T.I.C.,  El Cajon, CA