Silences (School Project) [score] (1997)


The final project at Berklee as a Film Scoring major was to score a short film, requiring about 10 minutes of music. We would have to contract the players, compose the score, write out the score and ALL the parts (for a small orchestra, this could take 48 hours without sleep as it was all written by hand), then of course, conduct the session. Mine didn’t go so well … I had been up close to a week without sleep and could not get all my parts copied. It was a nightmare session for me. Some of the players didn’t even take the money I’d left for them on their music stands, because they felt bad for me. It was utterly humiliating for me. But, it was the best lesson I learned in all of my college years. Never ONCE after that was I unprepared for a music assignment. That is worth the humiliation. A year later, just to memorialize some of the themes I had come up with for the film, I recorded this condensed version of the 10 minute score in my home studio using only Kurzweil keyboards — not nearly as good as it would be with live players, but better than nothing.


Recorded at:  Berklee College of Music Film Scoring Studio. Engineered by “Fred” (of course)