Fury of Crows (by Barry Zito & S.Zito) [songette] (2019)

Label: Smoke Ranch Music, Inc.

I got to witness a crow funeral made up of hundreds of crows outside my home in Los Angeles. Like all animals, crows mourn their dead and they can give quite a funeral. Also, first-time song collaboration with my brother Barry. Maybe we’ll turn this into full song one day!


Including the lyrics, since it contains some factual info on crow behavior. 🙂

Feathers up and down in a furious flight
Gather all around, gonna be a long night
Black out the sun, huddle up
One Down!
His leg’s stickin out all funky on the ground

They ride currents like a roller coaster
Rev it up, drop and float her
Sweet, soft down – lay her gently over
Tree-top funeral where the wind blows
They line up where the sun goes
They’ll be screamin all the way

It’s a Fury of Crows
and the frenzy, it grows
It’s a Fury of Crows
and the frenzy, it grows

Recorded at: Gilmore House, Lake Balboa, CA on October 7, 2018