Cheap & Alive (Unreleased Tracks) (2007)



1. Desiree (4:37)
Produced by Evan Frankfort and Philip Howard.

This was originally recorded for the “Cheap & Alive” album and features an incredible, lush string arrangement by Producer Philip Howard.


2. Schoolyard Ghosts (4:08)
Produced by Evan Frankfort.

3. Stunning (Possibly) (4:08)
Produced by Evan Frankfort.


Personnel: Engineered by Brian Vibbert/Mastered by Alan Yoshida at Ocean Way Studios, Hollywood, CA. Piano/Lead Vox:Sally Zito. Bckg Vox:Bonnie Zito & Tanya Winch. Aco. Gtr & Addit. Elec. Gtrs: Barry Zito. Elec. Gtr, Addit. Synths: Evan Frankfort. Upright Bass: Brady Steel. Elec. Bass: Audrey Wiechman. Drums:Anders Fransson & Luke Adams. Percusson: Tricia Steel. B3 Organ: Zac Rae.  String arangement and recording: Philip Howard

Recorded at: Would Work Sound, Lake Arrowhead, CA and Sunset Plaza, Los Angeles, CA.