Music and lyrics by Sally Zito

Lisa told her mother a little white lie
She said she'd just be gone for one night
And she walked and then she ran
The "get away" was waiting just a couple houses down
But the driver had demands of his own
Oh, she paid without a fight

She landed at the party and straightened up her clothes
And tried to learn all the names of the girls with the powdered noses
She felt right at home
And tried to hide the smile as he took her on the bed
'Cause most girls close their eyes, and turn their head
Oh, but Lisa didn't mind

And excited to be on her own
Even if she was too stoned to know what a mess she was

Lying on the floor
And someone's knocking loud at the door
And she jumps up; she knows who it's for
Runnin' 'round the bedroom, looking for her shoes, her shirt has gone missing…. Ooooh…
Trying to look presentable
and suddenly ashamed
Lisa looks up to see her mother's face
But her mother looks relieved
Of course, she's a little shocked by what she sees
But she'd rather have her baby back CHEAP AND ALIVE


Music and lyrics by Sally Zito

Greenline on the “C” Line
Winding into the city
And I am ready for its warmth
To shield me from a snow filled Boston day
Freezing on a platform
I’m listening for the trolley horn
When I need to get away to anywhere, the Greenline takes me there anytime

On the Greenline, safe inside,
Space and time have no meaning
Rocking and dreaming on a slow ride that heals me
When I think I’ve lost my way
Roll on through the station
There’s no special destination
Wherever the Greenline takes me, that’s where I wanna be

[verse ]
Greenline takes its own time
Winding home from the city
And I am ready to get back to my green life -- how’d I get so far away?
Don’t know where I’ve been today
Took a train ride to some other place
But no matter how far I wander, the Greenline takes me home

The Greenline takes me home every time

Goin’ home

Music and lyrics by Sally Zito

Men! I need ‘em I want ‘em
Something so fine about touchin ‘em, huggin ‘em
Ooh, I got to get me some men
Oh, I see ‘em all over
Pretty young faces, big hard shoulders
Oh, I got to get me some men!

Some say that youth is wasted on young and innocent minds
And everyone wants to take what they’ve learned and travel back in time
Well that’s alright for a man, but women are wired differently
Even Sleeping Beauty didn’t wake up ‘til she was 33
And you know, I’m talking sexually when I say…


I can spend all day at the zoo marveling at all God’s creatures
Like the strange little horn-nosed puffin bird with all of its horn-nosed features
So many to discover there, but none of them quite so fine
As the creature standing in front of me in the Motor Vehicles line
I could stand all day with a view this nice from behind!


Well, there may be more important things I can do
But lately I haven’t got a clue of what that would be
‘Cause all I can think of is how the world is so full of…Men!

[Sally solo/aco. guitar breakdown/latin vamp]

Oh, I got to get me, oh can’t someone find me…

Some strong, lovely lookin’, oh-so-fine, supple young thing? So nice…
Talkin ‘bout hotties with their knit-caps, barely legal, foxy tight-pants wearin’…


Music and lyrics by Sally Zito

I was driving down on Franklin when traffic came to a stop
I looked over and saw my good friend sitting naked on the lawn
With eyes that stared right through me like they sometimes had before
I knew I’d one day see her there
Could have been anywhere the war was won
And she won’t fight it again
Her mind is gone ‘cause she’s finally given in

I ran over to try to help somehow when something caused me to stop
The troubled face of my old friend had been replaced with quiet calm
It must have felt so sweet, an overwhelming relief at the moment when
She closed her eyes and said goodbye
Her mind is gone ‘cause she’s finally given in

Her fingers point up to the sky
Maybe she is shooting at a demon flying by
What could it be that she sees?
Maybe something beautiful that she can’t share

And the people start to gather ‘round while waiting for the siren sounds
‘Cause somebody called a doctor
Oh, but she has already found a cure, her ticket out of this world
And she is safe within a universe she finally fits in

And she gets the win
‘Cause she’s given in
Her mind is gone, she’s given all she has to give

Sally Zito would like to thank the following photographers for their contributions to this site:
Michael Zagaris, Karl Larsen, Brenda Cook, Chris Hardy, SF Giants.