The Men Song

Music and lyrics by Sally Zito

Men! I need ‘em I want ‘em
Something so fine about touchin ‘em, huggin ‘em
Ooh, I got to get me some men
Oh, I see ‘em all over
Pretty young faces, big hard shoulders
Oh, I got to get me some men!

Some say that youth is wasted on young and innocent minds
And everyone wants to take what they’ve learned and travel back in time
Well that’s alright for a man, but women are wired differently
Even Sleeping Beauty didn’t wake up ‘til she was 33
And you know, I’m talking [context]ually when I say…


I can spend all day at the zoo marveling at all God’s creatures
Like the strange little horn-nosed puffin bird with all of its
horn-nosed features
So many to discover there, but none of them quite so fine
As the creature standing in front of me in the Motor Vehicles line
I could stand all day with a view this nice from behind!


Well, there may be more important things I can do
But lately I haven’t got a clue of what that would be
‘Cause all I can think of is how the world is so full of…Men!

[Piano solo/aco. guitar breakdown/latin vamp]


Oh, I got to get me, oh can’t someone find me…
Some strong, lovely lookin’, oh-so-fine, supple young thing? So nice…
Talkin ‘bout hotties with their knit-caps, barely legal, foxy
tight-pants wearin’…