She’s Given In

Music and lyrics by Sally Zito

I was driving down on Franklin when traffic came to a stop
I looked over and saw my good friend sitting naked on the lawn
With eyes that stared right through me like they sometimes had before
I knew I’d one day see her there
Could have been anywhere the war was won
And she won’t fight it again
Her mind is gone ‘cause she’s finally given in


I ran over to try to help somehow when something caused me to stop
The troubled face of my old friend had been replaced with quiet calm
It must have felt so sweet, an overwhelming relief at the moment when
She closed her eyes and said goodbye
Her mind is gone ‘cause she’s finally given in

Her fingers point up to the sky
Maybe she is shooting at a demon flying by
What could it be that she sees?
Maybe something beautiful that she can’t share

And the people start to gather ‘round while waiting for the siren sounds
‘Cause somebody called a doctor
Oh, but she has already found a cure, her ticket out of this world
And she is safe within a universe she finally fits in

And she gets the win
‘Cause she’s given in
Her mind is gone, she’s given all she has to give