Music and Lyrics by Sally Zito

Greenline on the “C” Line
Winding into the city
And I am ready for its warmth
To shield me from a snow filled Boston day
Freezing on a platform
I’m listening for the trolley horn
When I need to get away to anywhere, the Greenline takes me there anytime

On the Greenline, safe inside,
Space and time have no meaning
Rocking and dreaming on a slow ride that heals me
When I think I’ve lost my way
Roll on through the station
There’s no special destination
Wherever the Greenline takes me, that’s where I wanna be

[verse ]
Greenline takes its own time
Winding home from the city
And I am ready to get back to my green life — how’d I get so far away?
Don’t know where I’ve been today
Took a train ride to some other place
But no matter how far I wander, the Greenline takes me home
The Greenline takes me home every time

Goin’ home